I am enthusiastic when I begin with a venture or task but lose heart and hope even before the task is accomplished.

I am an independent person with fine disposition and no prejudices. My head rules over my heart, and sometimes it’s hard to just let the heart take it’s turn.

I believe in saving money and spending it on adventures/ memories rather than items. 

I think several times before taking an action or starting a new venture. Which sometimes prevents me from living my life up. 

I want the world to see the best of me. That’s why I never let the “world know” how I really feel.

I am  painstaking and believe in completing one thing flawlessly rather than taking up several standard task. This mindset flys open oh so often in school. 

I am not very ambitious. Hence, why I do not keep my goals very high. I want a simple life. Anything to avoid full blown attention is my goal. haha. Don’t get me wrong I have goals for my self, it’s just… they aren’t what my family wants.

My dream to become a successive tattoo artist is what I have set. 

I handle criticism with my cool temperament and dignity, nothing bothers me to much, unless it’s from the ones I love. Which sadly isn’t very many. I seem to have a hateful distaste for allowing people in. 

I have reasonable keenness and preferably I would want it to be more. Perhaps that comes with age? 

I am least concerned about gratifying the world and rather look forward to my own contentment through the completion of my artwork. People never last, art forever will. 

I  believe in exacting and being accurate, if it isn’t done properly then honestly it gives me anxiety and I lose that vision. 

I am a reserved person and do not like to socialize. On very rare occasions I will talk to everyone. I try to go out, make new friends, just be a teenager… but that is a short lived lie that I take on. 

I have a interest in learning new things, it’s absolutely fascinating. I love to explore the ever-changing world, which is why when I was younger I would spend most of my time alone exploring the woods. 

I really do have a dynamic personality. Although only a few people actually get to see it. 

I lack vital strength of mind and will to accomplish work, which I need to work on. 

I am modest and most of all pensive. I hate in seeking attention, and avoid it a majority of the time. 

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Anonymous:  who are your favorite bands? :D

Honestly it depends on my mood. I love everything. I’ll name a little bit of errrythang:

  • Defeater, La Dispute, Touche Amore, Transit, Counterparts
  • Oceana, Parkwaydrive, A day to Remember, We came as Romans, The faceless, The Ghost Inside
  • Metric, Vampire Weekend, Twoo Door Cinema Club, Phoenix, Foals
  • Koji, Circa Survive, Death cab for cutie, Hot hot heat
  • Kalmah, Behemoth, Eluveitie, Suidakra, Insomnium, Dimmu Borgir